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How long will it take for my order to get to me?

10-15 Business days once your order is placed. But, if you need it quicker you can email us or call us and we will try our best to get your order out ASAP!

What is the return policy?

All sales are final. We will only accept returns and exchanges within 15 business days, only if your items arrive damaged, and we will reimburse you for shipping the damaged items back to us.  No Returns/Refunds/Exchanges or Credits on any of the merchandise that is not damaged.  If you have any questions after reading the Return Policy you can call our customer service line at (407) 463-1407

How do I make a purchase?

  1. You can purchase through our website with Paypal Security which is one of the safest ways to pay worldwide!  If you don’t have a Paypal Account no problem Paypal takes all credits cards including Debit cards.
  2. You can call our Customer Service Line at 407-463-1407.  We only take credit cards by phone.
  3. You can send by mail a U.S. Check or Money Order in U.S. funds to Lisa McClung Hands of Praise,LLC  P.O. Box 1154, Apopka, FL  32704

Are these teaching videos for sign language?

No our videos are performance videos only and not step-by-step teaching videos! To learn ASL/ESL please visit our ASL Class Locations page, read the FAQ below, or you can order one of our Sign Language Dictionaries

Are the songs signed in full?

Yes! All of the songs are signed in full along with the full length of each song. We have Synchronization/Master Licenses for all the songs on our 3 DVDs.

IMPORTANT: All Church Bookings must have Pastoral approval and be done by a Staff Pastor. Please give us the contact info for the Church as we will need to verify.

Step 1: Visit our Booking Page

Step 2: Complete the form with the details of the Church and Church Website

Step 3: Lisa’s church covering will approve the booking

Step 4: We send the requested church a Booking Agreement to be signed and by the Pastor and returned

All Pastors should feel free to contact Lisa’s Church for any questions or any Church that she has Ministered at under her Past Performances which are listed on the website!

Does Lisa McClung Ministries have Synchronization Licenses for her 3 DVD’s?

This Ministry operates with the highest degree of Integrity in every area!  We have 100% of the Master-use Licenses for all the songs, and are praying for the rest of the finances to renew many this year in Jesus mighty name!!! Amen!

Synchronization Licenses/Video Master License/Videogram License-For Making ASL DVD’s

In order to sign music by other artists use must have a Synchronization License and/or Video Master License and/or Videogram License if you are charging monies for your DVD! Each publishing/music company uses different terminology, but they are all the same thing!

As far as I know there are Public Domain songs that you don’ t need this license.  Also, if you have written permission from someone for example that is in your Church, and they say you can use their song and the people that orchestrate the music (if you give them credits) you will save thousands of dollars.

Each License has two parts for paying royalty fees.
Getting the Master-use License from the publishing companies by
contacting the Publishing/Music Companies to pay for the rights to use the music!  You have to pay for the use of the words of the song, and the people that also orchestrate the music.  So, it is a two-part process where each song has 2 Licenses! Once you complete all the necessary documents along with the DVD/Song then send it directly to the Publishing/Music Companies for approval.

Once you have completed all the forms, and have sent them in for approval the Publishing/Music Company sends you the Licensing documents, and you send them the monies owed! You have to pay for each DVD produced until Jesus comes back! For example you produce 300 DVD’s you pay for all the song licenses for that DVD then you produce 1,000 more DVD’s, then you have to renew all the Song Licenses for that specific DVD or until the License expires then you also have to go through the renewing of the Licenses all over again (whichever one comes first you ordering more DVD’s or the License expires)! Smiles

Here is a sample of what the 1st page looks like for a Synchronization License from our “ASL Hands of Music” DVD “Shout to Lord” by Darlene Zschech

How do I find out where they offer Sign Language Classes in my State/City?

We do not have a list of all locations, but we recommend you going thru your Sunday newspaper or use a Google search for Churches with Deaf Ministries, and you should see where they list Sign Language Classes.  You can call the Church, and ask them if they know of any other places as well. Most Churches that have a deaf Ministry will offer free sign language classes or can direct you to a place that provides Sign Language Classes!  Also, FaceBook is a good tool to search for Churches/Deaf Ministries Groups in your state or city.  Many times the Deaf/HH and Hearing will meet at your local Mall/Coffee shops.

Who is Lisa McClung?

Lisa took her first Sign Language class in August of 2005 where she met a Deaf girl Judy.  They became very good friends; and she learned in class there are 300 Million Deaf and Hard of Hearing people all over the world, and only 4% proclaim to be Christians!  And, only 10% of the families learn to communicate with their children & siblings in Sign Language.   In December of 2005 she began sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ thru Song/Dance with Holy Hip Hop to bring the Gospel of Jesus to life!

You can learn more about Lisa by visiting her about page!