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Following are some testimonials about how this ministry has helped others!

Lisa McClung has found a need and has been gifted by God to supply the need. She radiantly portrays many familiar songs as she speaks to the deaf through an art form of grace and beauty, interpreting the music’s rhythm and words through American Sign Language (ASL). Her countenance expresses the love she has for the deaf and is an inspiration to all who view her DVD or see her in person. Her DVD also includes several unique scenes of her pet, Molly, who speaks bird praises to God, a result of Lisa’s patience and tenacity in teaching her feathered friend. This combination of talents makes a delightful and entertaining DVD for all ages, hearing or deaf….I highly recommend this DVD!
Rev. Neoma DeGard Knox

Lisa is a blessing and a testimony to all who see her perform.  A blessing in her grace and agility of performance; that transforms into music for those who cannot hear.  She is truly a testimony of what God can do to those who are willing to be lead by God’s Holy Spirit.  May God bless you in all of your endeavors always! Love,
Colene Ledford

I first saw Lisa McClung when she came to One Accord Christian Fellowship Church in Orlando and performed songs in sign language which were so beautiful that it brought tears to my eyes.  She is very anointed and the Holy Spirit moves through her as she ministers in sign language.  She has a sweet and gentle spirit and is fully submitted to the Lord.  Her sign ministry causes people to move closer to God in praise and worship.  Her heart is truly full of praise and adoration for God and a love for people and as she expresses it in sign language, others move to a higher level in their worship of God.

I totally recommend Lisa McClung’s Hands of Praise Ministry for any and every ministry that wants to move to a higher place in their praise and worship of God.  God has knit our hearts together and she is truly an asset to any ministry that would have her.  In His Service,
Minister Sandra D. Gonzalez- One Accord Christian Ministry
Orlando and New Smyrna Beach, Florida

You are my sister in Christ.  You surprised me and made your ministry dream come true for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing.   You have such wonderful signs to God and adore and honor God!  Thank God that he gave you that hunger and desire to understand the deaf.  Your animals Annie and Molly are so precious and God made them.  You will be successful in starting a Deaf Ministry and you have such a beautiful spirit.  Love you,

Judy Peeler – Florida

I saw your DVD of your sign language and music.  You seem so graceful  in signing and signing does flow in a good pattern.  You do have an good talent.  It is amazing how God can answer your prayers.  It took a lot of work to make it happen.
Julia Dunton – Florida

Lisa McClung does her signing with such beauty and grace that I am sure it will bless both the deaf and hearing people. It is a blessing just to watch her lovely movements it’s more as though she is dancing unto the Lord! It is interpreted signing through dancing.
Edna Luongo – Florida

Wow what a DVD!!!  I truly believe it’s God’s blessing!  We are so impressed with your talent!  A star is born!!  Remember us when you’re a rich and famous celebrity.  Your mom and dad must be so proud!
Denny Watkins- Florida

When I first watched the DVD of Lisa McClung signing music for the deaf, I was in total awe and couldn’t believe what I was seeing!!  It was so awesome!  My heart was so touched!  It was so inspiring!  This gift that God has given Lisa MCClung is one of the most awesome things I have ever seen!  Lisa’s talent is a miracle.  If the people that can hear get a thrill from this, the deaf will get even more thrilled!  I know with God’s help Lisa will help many deaf and hearing as well as to be blessed with Lisa’s gift!  I wish you all the best in your pursuit to make so many people happy!  God Bless You Lisa.
Marie Broughton – Wisconsin

I have never seen anything like Lisa’s signing before.  She radiates the Lord’s love and anointing as she expresses herself through American Sign Language.  It is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.  It doesn’t matter how many times I have seen her sign, it deeply touches me and brings tears to my eyes.  The exciting thing is, she jumped into this after only have signed a few months.  I am super proud of her.  What an awesome example of a woman pursuing God’s own heart.
Michelle Lindhurst – Florida

Hi Lisa I have never been so blessed, your dvd is so very wonderful; I know anyone who sees it will be blessed and excited when they see and hear Molly talk and pray to the Lord. I am so proud of you may the Lord keep blessing you. Love,
David – Florida

My family was very blessed to see Lisa McClung sign several beautiful songs at my daughter’s home in the summer of 2006.  I pray for her ministry of sharing the gospel with her God-given spiritual gift.  Lisa is so expressive and interprets with her heart.  This truly is the calling for her life.  She also shared her DVD with our family and we all were so uplifted.  She even included the testimony of her parrot, Molly.  We enjoyed that so much.  God bless Lisa as she goes forth in a dearkened world spreading the praise of the Lord.
K. Hubschmitt – North Carolina

I thoroughly enjoyed the DVD.  Your love for the Lord is evident and your signing was very worshipful.  I am praising God that He has given you a desire to share the gospel with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.  I pray that He gives you a fruitful ministry.  In His Grip,
Cheryl D. – Nebraska

I just purchased your Hands of Music DVD and I want you to know that I think it is great!!!  I took the DVD video to my church on Sunday to let the kids watch your parrot on the video praising God and they loved it, and they want me to bring it back again at my youth class.  Molly is great and you’ve done a wonderful job with her and it really does show that everything that has breath can truly praise the Lord!  I pray that God blesses you and that your ministry continues to grow abundantly!  Blessings to you,
Mary Ann H. – Virginia

Lisa does such an amazing job of not just signing songs with ASL, but actually interpreting them in such a beautiful, elegant manner and with such enthusiasm and grace that anyone would be able to “hear” the lyrics and music without the volume on!!!  She is a true artist of signing and a joy to watch.  You will be blessed by her work.
H. Dyer – Florida

Just watched the whole DVD.  I’m impressed with your talent!  Truly you have a great ministry and I am certain God will continue to bless you as you use the gift He has given you.  You are still in my prayers.  I will share this DVD with family and friends. God bless you – and thanks again for sharing your ministry with me.  In His love,
Lee – Zellwood – Florida

Lisa McClung is an inspiration for everybody.  Her beautiful sign language is full of the annointing of God.  It is a mix of dance along with this beautiful sign language.  May the Lord continue to bless all people, deaf and hearing people with this beautiful gift He has given to Lisa.
John & Cecilia Andreozzi – Florida

Oh my gosh….you were totally awesome on TV45!!!!  I learned so much from you on that song.  You make the song come ALIVE.  Your ministry is so awesome!  I can’t wait to have you at our church and meet you.
Sheila H. – Florida

I saw you on TV45 and you did a great job!  Your countenance was, as Barbara said, just glowing all about you.  I know God’s smile went all the way from one to the other, as He watched you give Him glory.  I am sure God was standing up there, and pointing you out to all the angels, and at the same time…saying.. “Wow…check out Lisa…I am so proud of her…!!!  We are blessed to have you at Victory Church World Outreach Center.  You bring an inspiration to many…me included.
Carl A. – Florida

After viewing Lisa’s DVD you will actually see Molly raise her voice in song and praise.  Lisa should receive praise for this work-and I am most confident that this informative and wonderfully entertaining media, will through her diligent and powerful efforts, bring the warmth that can only be felt when praising God!  I commend her for her efforts-and success in this noble righteous cause.
Jonathan B. –  Florida

Lisa signing is an inspiration to me!  I can hear, but the signing with praise adds a beautiful dimension.  Even if you can hear, consider this a tool to reach both the deaf and hearing.  Elderly people will enjoy this experience, adding joy to worship.  It is definitely an inspirational experience.
Donna Elkins, Florida

Lisa, I have been truly blessed and so impressed with your signing.  This is such a unique, and very needed ministry.  Music is so vital, and I pray for you and your ministry, that many can be won to the Lord through it and be blessed as we all are!  God’s richest blessing for you and yours!! Love in Christ,
Mary B – Florida

Lisa, Your such a blessing!  I am learning ASL now and wanted to sign songs during worship to express myself and connect with God.  I never knew signing could be so expressive and passionate till I saw how you sign.  May God bless the works of your hands!
Jen, Singapore

Your DVD was beautiful , encouraging and very inspiring.  Your signing is truly a gift from God and He is using it to bless many deaf and hearing.  Your Deaf friend, Judy was inspiring to listen and get to know, and I am glad you included the personal interview with her on your DVD.  Also, your parrot is delightful.  Keep signing for Jesus and you are loved!
Jeanne, GA 

I am so blessed by your passionate ministry for the deaf.  You are an anointed vessel of God, not only for the the deaf, but for the hearing too as you make the song lyrics come alive.  Your signs and facial expressions, humble demeanor I’m sure blesses the Lord as well.  Your DVD has truly lifted my spirits when I watch it.  Lisa, I’ll keep you and your extraordinary ministry in my prayers.  God bless you! Nancy Hau,Ohio

Your Gospel Grooves DVD brought back so many memories of when I used to dance and praise the Lord at my Church.  It brought back hope, tears and admiration of  how beautiful your praise is to our God, and I want to thank you once again for bringing that feeling into my heart.  Keep doing what you do and never stop because God has sent you to show us no matter how we communicate may everything that breathes Praise the Lord! B. Flores Orlando, FL

I have been working with our special needs adult population at First Baptist Church, Vincennes, IN for five years. As we all know, music is a universal language, and through praise and worship, these precious individuals taught me the true meaning of how to worship in spirit and in truth. Our team had signed with them several times to VBS children’s videos and they absolutely loved it. One day while looking for more signing worship videos, I came across Lisa’s website. I was simply captivated as she introduced me to a whole new depth of worship. She inspired me to go deeper and to let the spirit lead as I watched her totally surrender herself to the words of the songs. Consequently, I did my first signed worship song at our third service in February to “Take My Hands”. I plan to do another one at the end of this month and am looking forward to learning many more. Lisa, you and your ministry team are a true blessing! Cecile Jones